Can Squirrels Outwit the World’s Most Epic Squirrel Obstacle Course?

Mark Rober is a one-man Myth Busters meets Bill Nye, using science and video to explore such elemental and existential questions such as What If All The Toilets Flushed at Once? and Does Farting Make You Weigh Less? Recently, stuck at home like the rest of us and bored out of his mind, he installed a bird feeder in his back yard and became a birder, only to see squirrels steal the bird food. Twice he purchased “squirrel-proof” feeders, only to see them crack the code and get the prize inside. Determined to thwart them, and frankly more interested in seeing just how resourceful they are, he built an ingenious obstacle course that would reward a successful squirrel with a king’s ransom in walnuts. Could they do it? Let’s just say you’ll happily spend the whole 20 minutes watching.

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