Hello, AJ friends and family. In this craziest of times, I hope this post finds you safe and surrounded by love.

I’m writing to share with you a peek at the summer issue of Adventure Journal, which we started printing this morning. The cover photo is by Joey Schusler and accompanies a story on the mental health benefits of mountain biking—seems particularly relevant given all the turmoil and anxiety in the world right now.

We also have a profile of activist artist Jeremy Collins, whose work you may already know, an essay about finding meaning in your travel even when travel is close to home, a report on the changing ethos of climbing route names and whether offensive ones should be changed. Our Historical Badass is Barbara Hillary, the first black woman to stand on the North and South poles, and our portfolio features Mike Ranta, who canoed across Canada not once but three times.

Of course, I have to ask you to subscribe to AJ in print if you don’t already. Adventure Journal’s ability to survive is driven almost exclusively by how many subscribers we have, and, honestly, we don’t have enough.

I guarantee that you will love AJ in print. 99% of our subscribers renew every year—an astounding affirmation. The most common feedback we get from new subscribers is that they wish they’d subscribed sooner. And because of these uncertain times, we’re offering our best subscription package yet: A year’s worth of AJ (four issues), the current issue (which we’ll send you today), three free AJ pocket notebooks, and an AJ sticker, all with free shipping to US customers.

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Steve Casimiro

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Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.

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