These Clever Sunglasses Have No Arms, Are Ideal for Travel, and We Love ‘Em

It’s a simple idea, really. Eliminate the arms on a pair of shades and you solve three problems. One, wearing sunglasses for a long time, especially beneath any sort of headwear, can hurt, as the arms end up pinching the sides of your head. Two, the things that break on sunglasses are, invariably, the arms or the hinges. Three, even when folded, the arms form the bulk of a sunglasses’ body, and can easily be crushed when packing into a backpack or suitcase.

So Ombraz got rid of the arms. Instead, their glasses use a cord that tightens at the back of your head. Boom, all three above problems are solved.

But how can they stay on? you wonder. The fit is adjustable with a couple tension beads at the back of the cord. They hold them in place just like regular sunglasses, except you don’t feel the pressure of the arms. If you’re wearing a beanie, you easily can wrap the cord around the beanie if you like, or keep it inside. Either way, Ombraz are way more comfortable than traditional shades.

And they pack so easily it’s incredible. They’re what a centimeter thick? That’s it. Slide them into their case, and they fit anywhere. Can’t really crush ’em either. No glasses pack like this. They’re ideal for travel.

The lenses are quality Zeiss optics, the shades are made in the USA.

Our only gripe is they tend to fog if you wear them too tight and are really exerting yourself, though their newest models have a thicker nose bridge which allows for better air flow. Either way, these are the best travel shades we’ve seen.

They’re $140. You can pre-order the newest models, here.

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