Just Look at this Off-Road Ready Remake of a Classic 1970 Ford Ranger

When you think Ford Ranger, depending on your age, you might think of a small, boxy compact truck used to ferry around auto parts, or a battered and color-splattered little truck owned by a house painter. Or maybe, the shiny new rigs being churned out by Ford to match the Toyota Tacoma—a midsize truck with a tiny bed, four doors, and leather seats.

Or, if you’re blessed enough to have a passing knowledge of 70s pickups, you think of this. The full-sized (for the time), Ford Ranger truck. A truck that proudly deserved the name Ranger. It was a top-specced trim line of the Ford F-100. A big and beefy truck with bench seats, and a bed big enough to raise a family in, if need be. None of that 5-foot bed you see on today’s trucks.

Icon 4×4, a company that specializes in restoring vintage rigs into modern-day off-road adventurers has spruced up this Ranger to near perfection.

It has fancy axles. High-performance off-road shocks. Incredible brakes. A sophisticated transfer case. A much more powerful and, presumably, economical, V-8. And power steering! In high school, my friend’s dad had one these original trucks. No power steering on his model though. One day, out in the country, the dad was driving a dirt road with his arm through the steering wheel. He hit a massive dip he didn’t see, the truck jerked, and the wheel broke his arm.

Power steering is good, you see.

Icon released a video of this machine, and well, toss a camper shell on it, and it’s a pure overloading dream.

Photos: ICON

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