Here’s an A-Frame, Sorta, That You Can Tow

Tiny homes on wheels have been a thing for quite some time now (don’t call them mobile homes), but this A-Frame on a trailer (don’t call it a trailer home, either) is a very cool aesthetically unique entry into the genre.

Designed by Melbourne, Australia’s Studio Edwards, the cabin is 19-feet long, clad in a black, weatherized rubber, with marine plywood making up the inside. Element-proof, in other words.

The little not-mobile-home contains a small kitchen, room for a double bed, a toilet, and even a lounge area. It requires a triple-axle trailer, and, one would assume, a proper truck to tow it around, but so does an Airstream trailer, which this is based on. Sure to get some interesting gawking when winding through the country on a hot strip of blacktop somewhere. Sounds pretty cool right now, actually.

Photos: Studio Edwards

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