A Simple Device to Improve Your Binoculars By 100

The appeal of binoculars is self-evident. Scoping a potential climbing route, sussing out a ski line, searching for ruins, ogling the moon, watching wildlife. But keeping your glasses steady enough to focus on what you’re focusing on can be a challenge. An elegant, simple trick is a tripod adapter like the one we bought from Vortex Optics. It’s just 19 bucks, is nicely sculpted, and has 1/4 inch by 20 threads to mount to a standard tripod. Of course, you need a tripod and your binos must have a threaded port, usually found beneath a snap-off cap. There are plenty of tripod adapters out there, but we’d recommend Celestron’s. It’s nearly identical to the Vortex, but doesn’t have a logo and is five dollars cheaper. It’s what we would have bought if we’d known. Facepalm. Learn from our mistake.

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