It doesn’t seem to be a joke, actually, just a clever pun describing the most relaxing series of video streams you could possibly find on the internet. YETI, they of the indestructible coolers and various tough-as-nails thermoses, etc., are big in the fly fishing community and they miss being on trips these days, alongside remote free-flowing streams.

Presumably, so do you.

To smooth the rough edge of that yearning for a babbling brook, YETI has launched a “streaming” platform, which is a webpage with a handful of videos of streams just flowing away. It’s like having a fire playing on the television; the sounds and scenery immediately take you to a place far more interesting than your living room.


I’ve had one streaming in the background while working for the past few days and it’s, well, nice.

Check it out, here.

Ever wonder why it is we’re so drawn to rivers and streams? Check out For the Love of Rivers: A Scientist’s Journey, by ecologist Kurt Fausch, in which he tries to address what it is that we love about flowing water.

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