Heather Scott is a woodworking furniture maker in England. When a friend with some space near the Cornwall coast asked her to design a cabin, she chose this Dutch minimalist A-frame shape.

The modest dwelling, named the Drift Farm Triangle, is 27 meters square and 4 meters high. The flooring is insulated with old newspapers. There’s no concrete foundation, but rather the cabin is secured with ground screws. If the owner grows tired of the view from the porch, it can be picked up and relocated.

Scott partnered with carpenter Ben Hobbs to build the structure. Months of planning led to 3-4 months of construction, then, boom: cabin.


Simple, elegant, mobile. Meet the Drift Farm Triangle. It’s available on Airbnb, when travel to A-frames is again a thing we do.

You can see more of Scott’s work at @heatherscottdesign.

Photos: Matt Cannon

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