John John Florence (yes, two Johns) is the undisputed Best Surfer in the World. Has been for a handful of years now. You might be too, if you’d been raised literally on the beach at the Banzai Pipeline. Pipe is probably the most dangerous wave in the world, and JJF was paddling out there and days that would send lots of 40-something surfers to the beach when he was eight years old.

So it should be no surprise that he’s also very comfortable sailing. This is a pretty unusual thing for pro surfers to do, by the way, sail boats, even though it seems like a natural fit. JJF has been sailing since he was a kid, and recently took on the challenge of sailing several thousand miles from Hawaii to the Northern Line Islands, due north of Fiji. He was injured for most the 2019 pro surf tour and figured, to heck with it, may as well go sail.


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