Did you know that donkeys like to run? Well, who wouldn’t, as opposed to being stuck in pasture eating grass all day. Donkeys like to run, and some humans like to run with them, and so today we bring you a tale guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies: in the words of our good friend Fitz Cahall, creator of Dirtbag Diaries podcast, “the story about an unexpected partnership in one of the most bizarre forms of racing humans have ever created.”

The co-subject of this podcast, Marvin Sandoval, said, “It’s not always the fastest person, It’s not always the fastest burro. It’s when you have a combination of basically a donkey that likes to run and a person that can keep up with that donkey—and it is about the relationship between the two.” In this case, it’s about the relationship between Sandoval and his diminutive burro Buttercup, so small she can walk right under her larger competitors, as they take aim at the donkey ultrarunning world championships.

Ready to smile? Listen on.

Listen to “The Underdonkey” from the Dirtbag Diaries here:

Photos by Lisa Sandoval

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