“I’m shaping these things because I can’t buy any of the boards I see in my head,” says Mikel Evans, a 20-something surfer in New Hampshire who makes his own equipment. That thought is what drives most of us who’ve made our own boards. It’s one of the best parts of being a surfer too—you can still make the surfboards you ride and luck into something nearly as good as what the pros make. Try that with skis. Or a golf club.

This short video shows that New England, and New Hampshire in general, can be a winter wonderland for the cold-tolerant surfer. Miles and miles of empty waves, dodging rather than the jostling elbows of fellow surfers, low-flying pelicans and the occasional snow flurry. I recently headed to Maine to make a wood board (which you can read about in the upcoming AJ #16—order here) and was gobsmacked by the lovely surf scene there. Sure the best waves break in the winter, but have you tried a wetsuit in the last few years? They’re incredible.


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