First and most important, THANK YOU to all the readers who’ve reached out to encourage us and especially to the readers who’ve ordered subscriptions to AJ in print and bought our pocket notebooks as a means to support our (very) small business. We very much appreciate your concern and support! Like so many of you, I am worried about how the pandemic’s impact on the economy will hurt us, specifically of course AJ and its viability. We do rely on advertising support from the outdoor industry, which is itself struggling right now, but over the last year have increasingly asked for support from our readers. One reason is that we pass up revenue opportunities (more ads, sponsored posts, native advertising) to give you a better, purer reading experience. Another is that we know we are more resilient with 10,000 individual supporters rather than 10 corporate ones. All of our decisions, from printing in the United States just 30 minutes from here to planting a tree for every product sold, are about long-term sustainability and resiliency. As long as people don’t abandon us, and as long as we continue to grow organically, I think we’ll be okay.

Where we can, we’ve already discounted our products as much as possible, but beginning today will offer free shipping when you order AJ’s four-pack of print issues. Order a four-pack and anything else you order gets free shipping, too (aside from merch products, which come from an outside vendor). I know that free free would be better, but this is still a big step for a small biz like AJ. If you’re looking for great reading material and / or want to build out your AJ collection, here ya go.

And again, thank you. This will all be behind us some day, and I’ll look forward to high-fiving every one of you.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.

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