Elisha Nochomovitz lives in Toulouse, France, where he, along with millions of his fellow French citizens, are under strict shelter in place orders from the government. French authorities allow people to leave their homes for recreation and exercise, provided they fill out a form explaining their reasons for doing so, but Nochomovitz wanted to prove a point about what was possible physically while keeping himself isolated from others. He’d been training to run a marathon before the pandemic descended and was at a loss about how to remain as active as possible.

So he ran an entire marathon. On his 23-foot long balcony.

Nochomovitz had noticed that many people in Toulouse were flaunting the orders to remain isolated, walking and running in groups in lovely spring weather. So he took on the challenge of seeing what he could do with the limited space he had. He strapped on his running shoes and his pedometer, and he started off. 23 feet in one direction, to turn around and run 23 feet in the other. Over and over and over again. He finished in a leisurely six hours and 48 minutes. Nochomovitz has no idea how many laps he ran, he wasn’t counting, his mind in a far different place.

“I thought about many things, what’s going to happen, when I see that the world has stopped, sports, economy, finance,” he said to the AP. “We learned in history about wars between nations, men and weapons, but this is something that is beyond us.”

His support network was crucial.

“I had my girlfriend here who was giving me drinks and M&Ms.”

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