Big Bear, in Southern California, just east of L.A., is, if you think Southern California is just beaches and concrete, a surprisingly wild alpine environment so close to a major city associated with anything but.

In early January, two resident bald eagles named Jackie and Shadow produced a couple of eggs and they’re due to hatch any minute now.

The Friends of Big Bear Valley host a camera pointed right at the nest and, well, it’s captivating. You can just click over and watch Jackie, mostly, incubating the eggs, looking stoically out over the lake. Shadow does the hunting for the pair.


It’s incredible to have such a window into this bit of the natural world, but also to imagine a life spent simply sitting in a tree, watching the world unfold around you, as Jackie mostly does, though Shadow is allowed, reluctantly by Jackie, to take his turn sitting on the eggs.

Not much happens in the video besides the wind blowing the branches, ruffling the eagle’s feathers, and the occasional shift in position or bird talk between the soon-to-be parents. Still, it’s like a campfire—you can’t help but stare at it.

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