Manufactured homes have typically had a negative connotation, but pre-fab homes, or at least homes built from pre-fab sections, are becoming very popular with designers worldwide, especially in places trying to address lack of new home building. They’re also finding their way into more designs for cabins and second homes. Easy-ish to transport to off-grid property, and, if they’re modular, all the better.

Like the Indigo, from a Dutch design company called Woonpioniers.

The owner gets a say in the design, unusual for a pre-fab home. Bigger, smaller, more additions, or fewer, the modularity allows for flexibility.


This edition, 861 square feet, boasts curved walls on the inside, for softness, with angular, squared-up lines on the exterior. The front and back of the house are glass, allowing the forest light to fill and pass through the structure. It’s on a small plot of land in Giethmen, a wooded rural area not far from the German border. A sculptor owns this one. She wanted a space that would allow her to relax, focus on her art, be refreshed by the light and shapes of the forest views washing through the shelter. Forest bathing, you might say, while indoors.

Photos: Woonpioniers

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