Soooo many subscribers have written emails or posted to social media to say that AJ14, the fall issue, is the best one yet. Wowza! This absolutely thrills us, though makes me a little sad for the past issues, who now might feel insecure. Still, a great sign, and thank you!

Adventure Journal is presented to you online for free, and we hope it will always be free, and we only ask one thing: that you subscribe to our printed journal. We are reader-supported, we limit our advertising, we don’t sell our voice. But unlike an NPR campaign, you get more than a tote bag: You get a magazine that reads and feels more like a book, that will look good on your coffee table, that will enhance the stoke in your life. And the stories in print only appear in print.

That’s it, that’s my request. Subscribe today and see why all your fellow adventure brothers and sisters say such wonderful things. You’ll be happy you did (or your money back)!

Steve Casimiro
Editor and Founder

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.

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