I am not afraid to play the birthday card. Sunday is my birthday and what I’d really like is for AJ readers who are enjoying the website for free to come on board as subscribers to our print magazine. The stories in print only appear in print, and they are longer, deeper, and even more engaging than what you read here. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that people are usually thrilled when they first get the magazine in their hands (if I’m wrong, comment below).

Yesterday, Brett P. DM’d us on Instagram with a typical comment: “Honestly, I’m blown away. You guys have done an amazing job with this and am I so glad I subscribed!”

I’m sharing this not to claim, but to overcome our biggest challenge, which is getting people to set aside their inertia and subscribe. I’ve frequently posted that 98 percent our subscribers renew year and year out, but I took a really close look a few days ago and it’s actually 99 percent. If you love adventure, you will love Adventure Journal in print. We guarantee it.

Why is this so important? Why do I keep asking? Because print subscriptions are the financial heart of AJ—without them, none of this would exist. And we’ve made huge progress in the last three weeks, since I made an appeal just like this, with 600 new subscribers (thank you!). But we’re still at least 1,900 from where we need to be, so I need to keep asking.

Here are some metrics for perspective. We have more than 300,000 unique visitors to this website a month. If just two percent of you subscribe to print, we’re there. We can get more online editing help, more customer service help, and some social media help. Adventure Journal online is free, and we’re happy to keep it that way. But all our decisions, like forgoing sponsored content, are giving you better, purer, more respectful stories. What we ask is that if you have the wherewithal to subscribe, then please subscribe.

In case you missed the link, you can subscribe right here. And not just cause it’s my 🎂

Thanks, folks! 😄👊🏻🙏🏼


P.S., a few more points for dedicated AJ friends:

• Photo above is by Dan Milner and is from the lead feature in AJ14, a report by Aaron Gulley on chasing adventure in Kurdistan.

• I promised an outline of my vision for where AJ will go once we hit our subscriber target. That’s going to come after we’ve sent AJ14 to the printer, which will be next week.

• Speaking of AJ14, holy smokes is it a pretty issue. Photos are off the hook. Just three more things left to do: write the Intro, pick the cover, and proof all the pages.

• Lots of you have asked about Patreon. That’s coming soon, too. We’ve been building up some merch as rewards and should be able to turn on that program shortly after Labor Day.

• We have a new product coming after Labor Day, too. It’s small, affordable, sustainable, and fun. Can’t wait to share it with you.

• New stickers with all-new designs should be here any day. Woohoo!

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.

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