You may have seen Eric Hanson and Greg Downing’s stunning imagery of the big walls in Yosemite, but likely not quite like this. Hanson’s company, BluePlanet VR, produced some of the interactive high-def pics in the New York Times coverage of Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgenson’s historic ascent of the Dawn Wall. But those images didn’t have the level of detail of his newest project, a high-resolution photo of El Capitan. The image is so clear, it’s immersive to an incredible degree. High-resolution is an understatement, actually. What’s higher than high?

Hanson worked with climber, guidebook author, and frequent BluePlanet VR contributor Erik Sloan on the image. Sloan and partner Roger Putnam climbed the Nose route while Hanson shot 2,000 images of their ascent. Another 2,000 shots were fired off the next day of the wall without the climbers to form a base that Sloan and Putnam’s climb was then layered upon. It took two years of post-production to get the final result, a 228,000-pixel stunner. Click here to view the image and be sure to zoom way in and marvel at the detail. You almost feel like you can spot individual holds in the rock face, it’s that clear. The shots on this page don’t do it justice.

40″ x 60″ prints of the photo can be purchased at Yosemite Big Wall. All screengrabs from xRez Studio.


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