Of course, the caveat here is that it will probably be wildly expensive. But every so often an auction turns up something very rare and funky and potentially cool and somebody will decide they only live once and they can figure out how to afford something like this. This, being a 1955 Porsche Tempo Mikafa Sport Camper. There are only two of them in the country. Only three exist worldwide with Porsche branding and badging.

No, we hadn’t heard of these things, let alone seen one, either.

Squint hard enough and, from the front, it looks like a beefed-up VW Microbus. From the side, an Airstream trailer comes to mind, as does pretty much every style element from 1950s design. Teardrop-ish shape, chrome lines denoting forward motion, whitewall tires.


Looks to be powered by a 1600cc VW motor that probably, when well-tuned, churns out a whopping 60 horsepower. It is, for some reason, front-wheel drive. Shifting is done with a four-speed manual gearbox.

The body is aluminum. Camper stuff includes a kitchenette with folding table, stove, sink, and Electrolux refrigerator. The onboard toilet works and there is a pop-up vent on the roof for fresh air. The windows are plexiglass and pop out for even more ventilation.

Mikafa was an aircraft builder that began producing these kinds of campers in the postwar period. They slapped a Porsche engine and Porsche badging on a few “Sport” models to juice up interest. And a tiny bit of performance over the stock, rear-wheel drive Austin engines on non-Sport models.

The power is likely just barely enough to push this thing around on American roads, but there is a small community of people driving and camping in restored Mikafas and they get around just fine.

Wanna bid on this thing? Navigate here and they’ll take care of you. If you purchase it, please let us know so we can do a full-on profile of this most interesting camp vehicle.

All photos from Mecum Auctions

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