Everywhere Travel Co. sells the kind of living space you hope to find when you book an unknown stay at a tiny home or a mountain cabin. Simple, clean, tasteful. Well, okay, maybe you hope to find a hand-hewn log cabin built by Thoreau himself, but those are hard to come by these days. But when seeking shelter in the outdoors of the roofed and plumbed variety, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional are the twin pillars of a relaxing stay.

They started out building towable tiny homes, but have now released their plans for the Ayfraym, a build kit for a spacious, elegant A-frame cabin. It’s a large building. 1,574 square feet, with three bedrooms, (one of which comes equipped with four bunkbeds), two bathrooms, twin wood decks, a spacious kitchen, and plans for a wood-burning fireplace.

It’s a classic, if refreshed design, influenced by a cabin that the grandfather of Everywhere Travel Co.’s founder built in the 1970s.


You can order an Ayfraym from Everywhere Travel Co., and they will ship the materials, secure needed permits, prep the site (presumably the site is on level ground), do basic foundation work, and build the thing, for roughly between $250 – $300k. Costs are naturally different based on local permit requirements and assuming the land is ready to accept the cabin, but that’s the company’s estimate.

Or, you can buy the plans, roll up your sleeves, and build the cabin yourself, for $1,950. Plans come via pdf and printed on paper, shipped in a lovely box that includes the doorknob to the front door. They even include a hammer. You’ll need your own materials, of course.

The founder, Brand Winnie, explained what inspired the cabins. “Growing up as a kid, I would always travel to our cabin that my grandpa Fred built in the ’70s. It’s up near the Tetons on the border of Idaho and Wyoming, and it’s one of my favorite places on Earth. The cabin my grandfather built was the base camp for all things adventure in the region, and it’s created some of my best memories.”

Pre-fab homes and build kits are growing in popularity, both as reflection of housing costs, and as tech worms its way into the homebuilding world. Winnie, it may not surprise from the design, is from the Silicon Valley world, but saw an opportunity to get more people in their dream cabins less expensively, so here we are.

So far, the new design is available only in the below renderings. Find out more, here.


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