Good morning from Denver! I’m on coffee #1, which means it’s early days here at the Outdoor Retailer trade show. This morning, while I’m checking out the best new gear, back home in California our printer is putting the finishing touches on Adventure Journal 13. There’s folding and binding and gluing, and in a couple days they’ll start verifying the addresses of our subscribers and printing out the labels. All of which means if you haven’t subscribed yet, now’s the time.

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1. If you like AJ digitally, you’ll love us in print. The stories are longer, deeper, bolder, and more nuanced.


2. You can only read those stories in print. They won’t ever appear in a digital form.

3. Subscribers are very, very happy and almost never cancel. 98% of them (of you) renew every year. That kind of renewal rate is unheard of in magazines and might be the most powerful validation yet that people who love adventure love Adventure Journal.

4. Your purchase plants trees: For every magazine you buy, our partner Eden Reforestation puts a seedling in the ground and nurtures it to maturity.


5. AJ13 is a bang-up issue, with stories on the revolution in women’s outdoor brands, the first new form of surfing in 3,000 years, the key that unlocked the free climb of the century, how gear and memory are bound together, what it’s like to break a thru-hiking record, and more.
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Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.