Since 1979, Telluride has hosted an outdoors film festival, lecture/seminar series, and all-around mountain party each Memorial Day weekend. The slate of films is huge, so we reached out to the woman who puts together the festival program—and AJ contributor—Katie Klingsporn to get a list of this weekend’s highlights. Here are her favorites.

Any One of Us — a gut-wrenching examination of the process of resetting expectations that follows a life-altering injury. Featuring mountain biker Paul Basagoitia, who suffered a spinal cord injury in the Red Bull Rampage.
Artifishal — the new film from Patagonia that looks at the harm fisheries cause to ecosystems and wild fish populations.
Into the Canyon — follows photographer Pete McBride and writer Kevin Fedarko as they attempt a grueling 750-mile thru-hike of the Grand Canyon to raise awareness of the threats that surround the park.
The Weight of Water — chronicles blind kayaker Erik Weihenmayer’s inspiring attempt to kayak the Grand Canyon.
Changing the Game — the story of three transgender high school athletes navigating the complex world of sports and gender.
Ice and Palms — Technically a short but a great adventure tale.

This year’s theme is equity, and Klingsporn likes the following features and shorts that address equity in the outdoors in all aspects.


Dawa — The story of a young girl determined to become an Everest guide.
The Movement —Running clubs bring together people from all walks of life in this short.
Lazarus — Albinism in parts of Africa can be a death sentence; Lazarus looks at people fighting to change that.
Cracking Ice Ceilings — The Bolivian Climbing Cholitas will make your day. Read about ’em here.
Mi Mamá — An exploration into the bond between a mother and daughter and shared adventure.
R.A.W. Tuba — Richard Antoine White and his tuba went from homeless to performing in the world’s finest symphony halls.

The following four films address Native American issues particularly well:

The Mystery of Now — Meet the founder of Apache Skateboards on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona.
Sweetheart Dancers — Two boys compete in a couples dance competition, bucking social convention.
Sacred Strides — How indigenous runners tried to save Bears Ears.
The Blessing — The story of a Navajo man who through circumstance is forced to work in a coal mine that decimates his ancestral area.


A full schedule of events including film screenings can be found here

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