A tariff on $200 billion of imported goods from China, including ski, camp, hiking, and bike gear, was raised today from 10 percent to a whopping 25 percent. Outdoor industry advocates were in DC last week arguing against the tariff hike and asking the White House to roll back those already established. The pleading fell on deaf ears.

“Increased tariffs will greatly raise out-of-pocket costs on nearly everything Americans wear on a daily basis and put thousands of small and medium sized businesses at risk of going out of business,” Patricia Rojas-Ungar, Outdoor Industry Assocation’s vice president of government affairs said. “It’s critical that the trade dispute with China end quickly and fairly, and that we see all the tariffs removed. We urge the Administration to stay at the negotiating table to get it done.”

A long list of bike components are on the tariff slate, a huge and potentially devastating blow for small and medium-sized companies. As recently as 2014, 99 percent of bikes sold in the US were imported from China according to the National Bicycle Dealers Association.


Companies selling bikes, ski, and camp gear will now be forced to raise prices, or eat the cost of the tariffs themselves. A few companies will likely look to source products outside of China, but the tariffs are not expected to bring manufacturing to the US. The cost, lack of manufacturing technology and infrastructure are massive hurdles to that happening anytime soon.

Any products shipped after today will face the increased tariffs.

There will soon be a formal process in place for individual companies to apply to be excluded from the tariffs, though those details have yet to be released.

Top photo: Will Truettner

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