A little ways south of Yosemite lies, well, this meadow. Sure, there are many, many thousands of meadows in the Sierra Nevada, but this meadow has a beautiful A-frame on it that you can rent. Actually, the owners have a few dwellings up there, but there’s something about this red-roofed cabin that appeals more.

It’s simple. A couple lofts, a couple beds. Kitchen with oven. Fireplace. Massive deck with a fire pit.

Sleeps four, just as cozy with two, and if you wanna bring friends, they’ll rent you a teepee for the yard. Yosemite is a day away, but you don’t have to cram yourself in the valley with the tour buses if you don’t want. Take a step in any direction from the 7,500-foot elevation cabin and you’re in paradise.


Photos: Farmeadow

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