Xavi Bou is a birdwatcher. But more than the ornate plumages and colors, he seems more fascinated by the movement patterns they display when in flight. He’s spent a great deal of time photographing flying birds to stitch together a visual pattern of the shapes their wings and the paths they take flying form, “making visible the invisible,” as he explains on his website. The project that resulted is called “Ornitographies.”

To achieve the strange time signatures of his photos, he snaps and combines multiple shots, to give a kind of stuttering pattern to the bird’s flight. There are starlings, storks, and swifts in his photos, taken in his native Spain. Some of his images may contain more than 600 photos, stitched together with Photoshop, merging seconds of flight combined into a single frame.

Bou says of the purpose of his photos: “Art and science walk hand in hand to create images, which are no longer a single portrait of reality but become a witness of the instants that, for a moment, were past, present and future all at once.”



Photos courtesy of Xavi Bou.


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