Meet Mason. He’s about to get married and is a little freaked out.

So while his fiancé went to soak in the Southern California sun, Mason loaded a janky schoolbus with rafts, skis, and nine of his best friends for one final bromance on the Tatshenshini River. The 20-day trip took them 120 miles, starting in the Yukon, slicing through a corner of British Columbia and on to the Alaska coast.

Vegas is a lot closer to their Colorado hometown, but as the title of this delightful film states, you can’t ski Vegas.

The Tat flows through some of the wildest country in North America and promised to deliver the boys to the best ski lines of their lives—if they managed to hit that very narrow timeframe when it’s possible, theoretically at least, to both raft and ski. Do they find that magic window, or must they console themselves with whiskey and “the reality that they had simply come to celebrate friendship.” No spoilers here. All we can say is that either way, you won’t be disappointed.