It’s no longer a secret that Iceland boasts terrific surf occasionally. With the volcanic coast dotted with nooks and crannies and reefs that bend the North Atlantic swells into fantastic shape, if you can handle the cold and sit out poor conditions, you can have a wonderful surf mission there. This film, a full-length feature at just over 30 minutes, is a serene look at what a trip like that might look like. It’s also a refreshing change from the aerial-crazed, slash and tear surfing that grips most surf films. Torren Martyn, an alternative board enthusiast rides bigger boards, with a casual flow that average surfers can, optimistically, convince themselves they might replicate. Laurie Towner, a scary-wave pro, is comfortable slotting himself in frigid barrels that most surfers on earth would pull back from every single time. The combination is lovely, the scenery gorgeous, the music haunting.