Marin County, California, is a wonderful and frustrating place to be a mountain biker. The community is large, varied, and supportive. Bike shops are everywhere. The weather is idyllic, the terrain beautiful, with sharp, rising hills coated in lush redwood forests, and plenty of rolling golden hills, peeking above coastal fog. While Marin is laced with hiking trails, there are only a handful of singletrack trails available to bikes. Surprising, considering it’s commonly known as the birthplace of mountain biking.

Vernon Huffman, a local rider and botanist, heads the Access4Bikes Foundation, a group that seeks to not only expand trail access for dirt riders in Marin, but also helps organize trail maintenance and generally puts a smiling, friendly face on the mountain biking community. As Huffman points out in the video above, cyclists make up nearly half of trail users in Marin, so giving them a voice is crucial in the local outdoor community. Huffman provides a great example of what stewardship looks liks, and this video shows off the beauty of the Marin trail scene.


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