We’ve had our eye on the rush to market an electric truck, or any off-roadable electric vehicle, for some time now. Rivian, which we’ve covered before, has looked the most promising in the past year or so, with both a pickup and SUV that are fully electric “adventure vehicles” (their term) with a planned release in 2020. They already have a pretty dang good looking model that was on display at the New York Auto Show last week and the storage system is pretty compelling for somebody toting lots of gear. The folks at Jalopnik were on hand to play with the truck and they made the short video below. That pass-through storage area is awesome, as are the roof racks, frunk, and tailgate that drops in a few ways. The price for the 200-ish mile range version is $69,000, which is a whole lot of money, and the high-end 400-mile range version will probably be expensive enough to make your palms sweat. But an all-electric off-roader is coming, it seems, very soon.


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