How long have you had your cell phone? Probably less three years, statistically speaking. Tech changes so you change your phone. Simple enough. But if you’re a backcountry skier or snowshoer, or otherwise venture into avalanche zones—what about your avalanche beacon? How often do you replace that? Technology changes quickly in those units too. Dual-antennae beacons were widely used in for years, but now three-antennae are the standard. Take it from the Canadian Avalanche Association: “Dual antenna digital transceivers aren’t obsolete, but they’re dated. The current crop of three antenna digital transceivers supersedes them and provides clear advantages over previous generations…

Through May 1, if you want to trade up to the most modern avy beacons on the market, at least those made by Ortovox, any Ortovox dealer will accept an old beacon, no matter who made it, for $75 credit toward their new Ortovox 3+ beacon. Unsure if your beacon is starting to be outdated? The Canadian Avalanche Association has a checklist of reasons to update here.


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