This is certainly novel. The Faroe Islands, that small, windswept, raw, and beautiful group of islands roughly equidistant from Britain, Norway, and Iceland, very much value tourism, but also very much have grown weary of the impact of people traipsing unencumbered over the fragile islands. So, this weekend (if you hurry, maybe you can make it) they are “closed for maintenance” to regular tourism. But, should you be willing to pick up a shovel or axe and help with trail maintenance and construction, well, come on down. Volunteers are welcome. In fact, it’s actually free to stay, including food, this weekend for volunteers helping to rebuild paths, bird watching sites, and new viewpoints around the islands. Plenty more info available here, if you’d like to see what volunteers will be up to in the Faroes. Perhaps this will be an annual thing. If so, plenty of time to make your plans to visit, roll up your sleeves, and help protect the place from being overloved, next year.



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