Geoffrey Holstad, a designer for Patagonia and a founder of the very cool outdoor artist-in-residency program Cabin-Time, also maintains one of the most charmingly simple websites on the internet. It’s called Watch This in a Yurt, and it’s nothing more than a simple Google Doc that he’s shared with the entire world.

The site is a curated list of old nature films that are available for free online, mostly on Youtube. That’s it. Well, there’s also a link to a web app that will help you download Youtube videos for offline watching. But that’s pretty much it. And my word, if it isn’t a terrific collection.

Here is a little taste, “Blake,” from legendary Canadian filmmaker Bill Mason.



Holstad’s curation is organized into categories. “Canoe,” “Bushcraft, “Native Cultures,” “Art/Crafts,” Flora/Fauna,” “Enviro/Activism,” and “Fun/Miscellaneous.”

Some films are nearly 100 years old, most are from the 70s. All dripping with nostalgia for the days of VHS, lots of the films remind you, if you’re of a certain age, of a teacher dragging a creaky TV cart into your classroom to show an earnest, grainy film of backcountry how-tos.

You can dive in here.


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