Lots of surfboards these days are made from EPS foam, or expanded polystyrene foam, something you’re used to seeing as packing material and cheap coffee cups. It doesn’t matter where that foam comes from either, at least in terms of making a surfboard (that’s one of the coolest things about surfboards—if a material floats and can be made waterproof, it can be a surfboard). Korey Nolan, a New Hampshire surfer, spent a year collecting 700 trashed Dunkin’ Donuts cups from roadsides and trash cans, and decided to turn them into a surfboard. A nod to his New England roots, and a message about the ridiculous waste in our society. It’s also a damn good-looking board. Nolan made fins out of plastic Dunkin’ straws and glassed the board with a plant-based epoxy resin. His Instagram video of the process, below, is almost as much a piece of art as the surfboard. Photo: Instagram



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