For yet another year, the world’s second-highest peak will go unclimbed in the winter. Alex Txikon, Pasang Sherpa, and Cheppal Sherpa had hoped to ascend to K2’s peak over the weekend, though the weather forecast was not at all promising. They made it as high as 7,050 meters, where they camped, waiting out terrific winds that simply never abated. “The wind got just too high, we were freezing, in spite of the gorgeous blue sky,” Txikon radioed down the mountain at one point. After waiting uncomfortably in their tent, but enjoying pristine views, Txikon and Pasang and Cheppal Sherpa decided to descend along the Abruzzi Spur, leaving K2’s winter climb for another party. “The strong wind didn´t let us climb upwards,” Txikon wrote in a Facebook post. “Winter K2 resists, but we must respect it. You have to listen to the mountain. This winter has showed us that it is not the time yet. The mountain will always be there, waiting to show us the best winter view of the Karakorum. I will definitely return!” Photo: Txikon via Facebook. 


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