Last night we uploaded the Adventure Journal 12 files to the printer. By tomorrow, we’ll have proofs back and then it’ll be an intensive few hours where we review color and read everything again in our last chance to catch mistakes before we print. Then we’ll print on Monday or Tuesday and after that we’re done and the rest is up to the printer and the U.S. Postal Service.

The level of work that our friends and colleagues produce continues to astound me. Six months ago, I asked Craig Childs to write a story on campfires. Didn’t give him much more of a prompt than that. Is what he wrote good? It’s so good, we’ll probably enter it in those magazine award contests, which we usually ignore.

Or how about this helluva lede from Tessa Hulls in “The Girl Who Rides Her Bike to Weddings”:

“When I left to bicycle alone across the United States, there was an engagement ring on my finger and an understanding that I would come back.”

I’m not going to go on and on as I usually do. And I’m not going to tell you everything that’s in the issue (though there’s flight and the PCT and Cuba and surfing and more)—think of it as surprise present that you get to unwrap in a few weeks. I’m just going to tell you that if you don’t yet subscribe to Adventure Journal in print, you should. We send the subscriber list to the printer for mailing on Friday, March 22, so do it now.

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Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.