You will not have this spacious hut all to yourself, but you will have one heck of a view. And, there’s beer there. Food too, but, more importantly, beer. If you’re taking on the Haute Route trek, the Cabane de Moiry, maintained by the Swiss Alpine Club, at the foot of the Moiry glacier near Grimentz, Switzerland, is a likely stop. Even if not doing the Haute, if you’re near Grimentz, it’s only a two mile hike to reach the hut, well worth the 1,577-foot elevation gain to the Moiry cabin at 9,268 feet. Above and around are the dramatic Valais Alps peaks of Grand Cornier, Pigne de la Lé, and Pointes de Mourti. It’s a grueling climb to reach the hut from where the hike begins, at Lac de Moiry, but, like we said, there’s food at the hut. And beer.

The hut was renovated in 2008-2009, and the new, modern addition was opened in 2010. 104 people can sleep at the Cabane de Moiry, which is open at full capacity from June until September; a smaller winter room is available with beds in the offseason. Architects who designed the new hut (the Savioz Fabrizzi firm) built it with unique energy consumption in mind. Wood stoves heat the bottom floor, the walls absorb solar radiation, and a rapeseed-burning generator provides whatever energy is needed that isn’t collected from solar panels on the roof.

It’s not exactly cheap at $85 per night, roughly, but for that view? Seems fair. Bookings can be made here.




Photos: Savioz Fabrizzi/Thomas Jantscher

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