Because Southern and Central California are edging closer to above normal precipitation levels, the state’s arid regions could be prepped for another wildflower super bloom. Areas like the Carrizo Plains National Monument and Death Valley could see the explosion of vibrant flowers that have drawn hundreds of bloom seekers in past years (though the NPS recently suggested Death Valley might not see enough rain to spark the bloom). Back in 2017, super blooms in the California Poppy Reserve, Los Padres National Forest, and Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge grew so thick they could be seen from space. Even cooler though, scientists say flowers once thought extinct can pop up after years of drought clear out weeds and grasses that compete with the flowers. “Right now we’re right at normal or slightly above [precip levels],” said Richard Minnich, a professor of earth sciences at UC Riverside. “So it’s looking promising, and we could really get up there in terms of total rainfall.”

Photo: BLM