I’m not normally one for all-in-one backcountry cooksets, but the Sea to Summit Alpha 2 Pot Cookset 2.2 set is light and ingenious enough for me to jettison my old piecemeal system. And no, of course this is not the only nesting cookset in the business. Far from it. But it’s maybe the best designed. This was clearly thought up by somebody who goes camping, often, and has spent plenty of time pondering how to make a six-piece cookset work. Two anodized aluminum pots (2.7 liters and 1.2-liters), two bowls, two insulated mugs with lids, and a fabric pot liner. Everything nests in the larger pot, and weighs just 1 pound, 11 ounces. So clever, too. The pots have strainer lids with a single small spout for pouring hot water into a mug. The silicon pinch point for lifting the lid is also a nifty hook that secures the lid to the lip of the pot. The robust handles swing over the pot to lock the lid down, keeping everything compact. Construction is metal and robust, durability is unquestioned. Do I wish it was titanium and weighed a tad less? You bet. Would I want to pay for those weight savings? Nope.

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