It’s hard to put a happy spin on the plight of the northern white rhino. There just isn’t much good news, as the last male of the species, Sudan, died in March 2018, and there are only two females left, Sudan’s daughter and granddaughter, who live under constant watch and protection at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. But an effort by scientists across four continents is hoping to maintain their DNA flowing through the blood of living rhinos and keep the species afloat, however dire the situation may be. Neither of the females is in good enough health to give birth, so scientists are hoping to extract their eggs, fertilize them with frozen northern white rhino sperm, and implant the egg in a southern white rhino surrogate. AJ senior contributing editor Ami Vitale has documented northern white rhinos, including in Adventure Journal 01, our inaugural issue, and now is participating in a contest that will raise money for the rhinos and bring two winners to Ol Pejeta to meet them—along with Ami herself. Details are right here. Photo, of course, by Ami Vitale.

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