Skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck had a simple if ambitious idea. Hey—what if we traveled from our place in Dürbheim, Germany, to the sunny beaches of Nice, France, using only our bikes, while skiing the Alps along the way? Sure, it’s 1,800 kilometers, and we’ll have to gain 35,000 vertical meters along the way, but ohne Fleiß kein Preis, ja? Or presumably, they said that.

The two spent six weeks pedaling bikes laden with 50 kilograms of supplies—food, shelter, water, skis, photography equipment—up and down steep mountain roads. Perhaps you’re wondering—how did they get to alpine runs if they were on bikes? Well, they locked their bikes as high as they could ride and skinned their way up. And up. They’d ski, then sleep in huts, and return to their bikes to continue south.

Because they did the trip in spring, the snow kinda sucked sometimes. But they’re pros, they made do. And they made it all the way to Nice. Not a bad spring vacation.


Their trip is documented in the film “Ice and Palms” which you can watch below.




Photo: Philipp Becker

Photo: Max Kroneck

Photo: Becker

Photo: Kroneck

Photo: Becker

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