In the 60 years since Toyota first unveiled the Land Cruiser, the legendary off-roader has morphed from stripped-down dirt crawler to an SUV of nearly unparalleled luxury that can still capably and comfortably drive over the surface of the moon. In honor of that 60th anniversary, Toyota is producing a “Heritage Edition” of the Land Cruiser, and, well, just look at the elegant thing. It gets a cool, old-school Toyota Land Cruiser badge with Toyota in the original, decades-old font, and a neatly scripted “Land Cruiser” look. New 18-inch, bronzed wheels are also part of the package.

While there is a bit of increased clearance with a smaller running board on this model, the updates to the now long-in-the-tooth SUV are mostly just for aesthetics. But the truck doesn’t really need much updating underneath the skin—it’s still about as off-road capable as any vehicle you could drive off a dealer lot. Considering 2019 Land Cruisers will run you about $85k, and this is a special, limited edition, the sky’s probably the limit as far as pricing goes.


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