Climber Tommy Caldwell, famous for big wall climbs like the first free climb of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall, along with partner Kevin Jorgeson, back in 2015, needed a place to train close to home. So he decided to build a place to train in his actual home, in Estes Park, Colorado. Caldwell converted his garage into the most exclusive indoor climbing facility in the country. Probably.

Perfect, with big, lofted ceilings, Caldwell installed a plywood wall and dozens of climbing holds in his garage. He also built a small space for his two young children to practice climbing as a family. In the past, he’d mostly worked on climbing while actually on big climbs. But one he became a father of two, he needed a space where he could safely train. Caldwell also realized he could get stronger, faster, while indoors.

The New York Times sent a reporter to Caldwell’s place for a Q and A to get a rundown on how he trains there and why. Check it out here.