Three years after their documentary “Meru” was snubbed for an Best Documentary Oscar nomination, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin have made it to the final round of Academy Award voting for “Free Solo.” “Meru,” a nerve-wracking and moving film featuring Chin, Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk in their bid to summit Meru, was shortlisted for an Oscar in 2015, but didn’t receive the nomination many expected. This time around, even industry heavies like Ben Stiller are pulling for “Free Solo.” “I hope so,” Stiller said when asked if he thought “Free Solo” would win the Oscar during its New York premiere. “You know, I never count my chickens before they’re hatched,” Chin said when asked the same question. “Honestly I made a deal with myself and the Cosmos that if everybody survived this film and Alex made his climb, the film was gravy.”