Swiss ski photographer Oskar Enander has a bit of a different outlook on the world than most photographers, quite literally—he’s colorblind. So his work heavily draws on the interplay of light and shadow. There is a starkness and a tremendous depth of beauty to his imagery. He particularly favors dark rich blues paired with dramatic light. “On the mountain, it’s kind of easy,” he says. “I work a lot with the deep blue in shadows and the contrasts between dark and light. That’s when I get dialed so it doesn’t really affect me there.”

Enander never really planned on being a ski photographer, or a photographer at all. But he spent enough time ski bumming to fall in love with what he was seeing in the mountains and he picked up a camera and started shooting. Right away, it was clear his was a special photographic eye. This short video directed by Frank Pickell brings you alongside Enander in his hometown of Engelberg, Switzerland, to see how he goes about capturing his dramatic images and treats you to some absolutely beautiful lines drawn by his world-class skiing subjects like Santiago Guzman, Olof Larsson, Sanne Mona, and Piers Solomon.


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