Ever looked at a tough cooler, or bear can, and wondered what, exactly, is meant by “Bear Resistant”? Or, are you ever tempted to tote a heavy cooler into the woods and close it without a lock, assuming a bear can’t possibly figure out how to open a multi-latch lid? Or, perhaps you’ve accidentally broken your bear canister and can’t open it and are looking for tips on how to extract the food in a, let’s say, unconventional manner.

If any of the above apply to you, this video showing the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in Montana’s bear resistance testing program will be very educational. It’s also entertaining as heck. This place houses bears that have become habituated to human food. Rather than being destroyed, these bears’ curiosity about food is put to good use. If you want to claim your product is bear-proof, you toss it in with the bears, full of something that smells good, and let them do their worst, or best, to gain access.