Deep in the Indian Garhwal Himalaya lies Janhukot, a difficult-to-reach peak that rises more than 22,000 feet above sea level, at the end of the Gangotri glacier, the head of the Ganges. The first attempt to climb the mountain came in the 1980s, when an Indian team tried and failed to reach the summit. At least six other known attempts were made in the next couple of decades, each team turned back for one reason or another, typically foul weather. And tough, tough climbing.

In June, a team consisting of Malcolm Bass, Guy Buckingham, Paul Figg made a renewed bid for the summit. It was Bass’s third attempt to reach Janhukot’s peak; he’d been turned back and suffered frostbite in 2014. In 2004, he and Figg were also unsuccessful.

The trio brought along a film crew to document their attempt to be the first to summit Janhukot, and the resulting documentary will debut on November 2 on textile company Pertex’s website. The trailer was just released, and it looks fascinating. Check it out below and get ready for the whole thing next month. After the full film’s release, there will be a multi-part series about how the team approached the climb.

Photo: Coldhouse / Hamish Frost