Phil Deeker has a simple reason for why, at 60 years old, he decided to challenge himself to ride 1,000 mountains in 100 days, roughly the equivalent of riding up Mt. Everest 50 times: “I love riding my bike in the mountains.”

Really, what other reason do you need?

Deeker gives more actually, in this short video about his experience celebrating the 10th anniversary of an endurance feat he’d invented a decade prior, the “Cent Cols Challenge.” And what an experience it was. Deeker averaged 5,000 meters of climbing each day (500,000 meters of elevation gain in total) as he pedaled throughout Europe.


In this short, Deeker philosophizes about the nature of suffering. About enduring hardship to reach a goal. About the power of smiling through discomfort. About the connection one feels when pursuing a difficult, painful challenge in the company of others. Deeker explains that the mountain isn’t something to be conquered, it’s not a trophy that can be collected, put on display. Getting to the top of the mountain, or many mountains in a short time, is simply a means of fulfillment.

Important lessons, but also, this is just one hell of a cool video.

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