Hurricane Florence is a Category 4 storm at the moment, on track to unleash massive winds, rain, storm surge, flooding, and giant surf to portions of the southeast coast. The storm is one of three hurricanes currently tracking across the Atlantic. The power of the storm is breathtaking, and viewed from space, it elicits a combination of awe at nature’s might and worrisome angst for the deadly damage it may cause, feelings not lost on astronaut Ricky Arnold who shot some truly stunning images of the storm from the International Space Station (click on the photos to expand).

Videos of the storm from space are equally spellbinding and alarming.

Florence is expected to approach, and likely hit, the US coast by Thursday night or Friday. If so, it will be the first major hurricane of the year to move over the continental US this season. Virginia and the Carolinas have preemptively declared a state of emergency and began evacuations of a million people.


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