It’s pretty simple, really. A 1989 Cadillac stretched limo bolted to a ladder frame, riding around on front skis and enormous rear tracks.

Like you’ve never seen that before.

It could be yours, too, for somewhere around $6,000. It’s for sale right now up in Vancouver, offered on Craigslist for anybody crazy or stylish enough to take the bait.

The Caddy snowmobile was custom built (obviously) by a visionary man named Robert Falck, apparently for a scene in a movie, though which movie is unknown. He told the folks over at Jalopnik all about his Frankenstein creation. The limo portion is welded or bolted or both to part of a Bombardier SV250 snowcat. The beast is powered by a small block Chevy v8 with a three-speed transmission and a low-range transfer case. Top speed is reportedly about 15 miles per hour, which seems plenty fast actually for a tremendous rig like this. It has drum brakes and a driveshaft brake to being everything gliding to a nice, stylish halt. The owner thinks it’s best suited for groomed trails, not clawing its way up deep, near-vertical snow banks.


That’s fine, because who’s going to see you if you’re way out in the snowbound boonies? You’re going to want people to see you in this puppy. Just toss some ski racks on top and you’d be good to go.

Here is the rig doing its thing.

Photos: Robert Falk/Craigslist