Oh, man, the Dolomites. I almost never tell people what they should do (unless they ask, in which case pull up a chair and let’s talk), but I’m gonna say this: If you haven’t been to the Dolos of northern Italy, go. You won’t find a more spectacularly or uniquely structured mountain range, populated as it is with massive limestone islands surrounded by deep valleys, high passes, and the intertidal cultural mix between Italy and Austria that is the Sud Tirol.

This video from Casper Rolsted, through its luminous time lapses, aptly conveys the beauty of these singular gruppos. I actually don’t agree with Rolsted on the whole sounds of silence thing, particularly because I’ve never heard birdsong high up on the Dolomite peaks when the wind’s howling and it reminds me that all the sounds were captured aside and laid on top of the visuals. Admire and tip my hat to the idea, but for me that craggy beauty is more than enough. You may disagree—wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.